Klassisch in Weiß

Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015

Browline sunglasses are the absolute trend of the summer 2015, everybody should own a model, hipster or non-hipster! Finally we have a sunglass trend that can be used in a classical and casual way and looks a bit different to all those Ray-Ban Wayfarers out there in the market. Wayfarer vs. Browline sunglasses: Both models Read more about Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015[…]

Freeletics Titelbild

Freeletics for Skinny Guys

Everybody is talking about Freeletics , everybody knows someone who either done it, tried it or knows someone who tried Freeletics in the past. Since more I tried so many times to get through the 15 weeks but I never finished. Her my current Freeletics Status: As I’ve been pasting that screenshot out of my account  I thought, well it isn’t Read more about Freeletics for Skinny Guys[…]

Banana Shirt

Fruit and Vegetable Prints on T-Shirts

To print fruits and vegetables on shirts doesn’t seem to be the most exiting fashion trend we heard of this year. But anyway i think those shirts look really funny and rescue us from just wearing another blunt white or black shirt. Which fruit-themed shirts are available on the market? It all started last year Read more about Fruit and Vegetable Prints on T-Shirts[…]