Marlon Teixeira

Motivation for Freeletics – Me against myself

Where did my Freeletics motivation go? Right after two weeks it is gone again. Probably you’ve asked yourself why there was no update in the last weeks. Hmm, it’s just because there is nothing to be updated about. In my first article I’ve been highly motivated. The problem is easily found: i just couldn’t motivate myself Read more about Motivation for Freeletics – Me against myself[…]

Klassisch in Weiß

Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015

Browline sunglasses are the absolute trend of the summer 2015, everybody should own a model, hipster or non-hipster! Finally we have a sunglass trend that can be used in a classical and casual way and looks a bit different to all those Ray-Ban Wayfarers out there in the market. Wayfarer vs. Browline sunglasses: Both models Read more about Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015[…]