Fruit and Vegetable Prints on T-Shirts

To print fruits and vegetables on shirts doesn’t seem to be the most exiting fashion trend we heard of this year. But anyway i think those shirts look really funny and rescue us from just wearing another blunt white or black shirt.

Which fruit-themed shirts are available on the market?

It all started last year with tons of pineapple shirts, seen in quite many streets of the world. Fruits have been printed on shirts, tees, t-shirts, etc. and been seen in hipster areas around the world. Normally combined with a jeans or dungaree!

Asos Fruit Shirt Pinapple

Asos Fruit Tanktop Pineapple










To bring new fruits into the market banana shirts were the new trend last year. Banana Shirts look really funny and your always able to get into a nice chat about your shirt ( i can assure you that, been wearing a banana sweater last year quite often, and people always tend to comment about it). Here an example from the new 2015 asos Summer Collection:

Asos Fruit Shirt Banana

Fruit-Shirt Banana with dots










But there are not just yellow fruits being used for shirts. As i’ve been researching for more fruits i found a beautiful website called Coton Doux, the offer beautiful shirts with many different prints. Most of the shirts cost around 50 € and seem really beautiful:

Cherry Print Fruit Shirt

Cherry Shirt Coton Doux










So, Fruit Shirt somehow already saturated the male fashion market. In my point of view, i think it’s necessary not to have one big print in the middle of the front of the shirt. It looks much nice when the whole shirt is covered in fruits. I’ve seen also shirts that have the front with print and the back without anything. That for me looks a bit weird, i prefer shirt being printed all over the whole front and back.

And what about vegetables?

As those prints are most of the time made for summer season, vegetables didn’t match that perfectly. I have not seen any vegetable shirt on the streets ever. We relate fruits with summer, cocktails, fun and laughter. Vegetable just as a basic mean to nourish ourselves. (quite basic analysis 🙂 )

One of the few shirts i found ist the below shown hoodie of Beloved Shirts. That’s really not my style, the pickles seem too real to look nice. I prefer more graphic kind of designs. It’s more ore less for the vegtable freaks beneath us:

Gurken Hoodie

Pickle Hoodie










Another option i found was this shirt with tons of different vegetables, freaky, isn’t it?

Shirt Gemüse

Vegetable Mix Shirt










You can also find a mixture of several fruits on, which is more graphic and in my opinion more beautiful and modern:

Asos Frucht Shirt

Asos Fruit Cocktail Shirt










Fruit-Shirts are a really cool Trend and can be combined with several types of trousers and jeans. As fruits are quite colorful it’s a summer season trend. I hope there will be more fruits coming to our wardrobes this summer season, and probably some vegetables in winter, too. I love my pineapple shirt, here on that pic on instagram i combined the shirt with my Zara Jeans Dungaree.

What do you think of fruity trend shirts? Do you have one? Do you combine them with jeans or other trousers? Feel free to comment below!

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