Motivation for Freeletics – Me against myself

Where did my Freeletics motivation go? Right after two weeks it is gone again. Probably you’ve asked yourself why there was no update in the last weeks. Hmm, it’s just because there is nothing to be updated about. In my first article I’ve been highly motivated.

The problem is easily found: i just couldn’t motivate myself doing sports again. In Germany we call that – I lost my fight with the inner pigdog. Weird isn’t it? In the beginning I’m always highly motivated but after some days of sore muscles my motivation is gone.

As I am an expert in losing Freeletics motivation, here some of my crazies, funniest and sometimes even understandable excuses for not doing Freeletics:

Number 1: I cannot start today – because it’s monday!

Scheiß Montag

Fuck Monday










The title already tells everything, it’s just not possible to start a new sport program on another day than Monday. In the Freeletics they always speak of closing a week. A week, of course, ends on Sunday, the new week starts on Monday. So, for me, it’s quite clear that it’s just not possible to start my workout on a Thursday or any other day, except Monday.

That means, im supposed to start my new workout on the day that is the most exhausting day of the week. You have to get into the week after sleeping long on Saturday and Sunday, everyone has new questions and new ideas at work. I’m coming back from work totally exhausted, and then im supposed to start my new workout program.

Number 2: I’m going to be on vacation in 3 weeks, so it’s just not worth to start

Sport Urlaub Motivation

Just a dream








It’s always the same, you’re dreaming of having a beautiful holiday, time for sport, swimming, running on the beach etc. but then it’s just too exhausting driving around and processing all the experiences of the day. Before your holidays it’s just not worth it to start a workout, you will never continue during holidays. That’s why I never do any workout in summer, there is always a vacation close! 🙂

Sounds familiar?

Number 3: It’s way too hot for get motivation for sport

Sport bei Hitze

No sports while it’s hot








That was my favorite excuse for the whole summer 2015. It was really extreme here in central Europe! I’m not gonna tell you that im working out in our flat, in the shadow of the ceilings. Also the temperatures in Germany aren’t that extreme anyway. We have like 10-14 days really hot days here – that doesn’t justify not doing sports for the whole summer.

Number 4: Wow, i got three weeks training for free

21 Tage Verlängerung

Freeletics is giving away free breaks







Wow, isn’t that great? I don’t remember how exactly but i got three weeks of free training. So it’s totally clear to me that I’m gonna pause Freeletics for three weeks and I’m gonna start with that right now. I’m not gonna any money by doing that, that is really great.

Freeletics wanted me to have a break, that is so clear to me!

Number 5: I’m gonna sit down for a moment, then I’m gonna start

That’s the big disadvantage of doing sports from home. The couch is so incredibly close and seducing you every evening to sit down, switch on the Tv and totally forget about the training you’ve been planing the whole day. After sitting down it feels like you have been non-visibly attached to the couch. You cannot escape the couch microcosmos anymore. I sometimes cannot even remember that I’ve been motivated before.

And then, suddenly, it’s already 9 pm, and as everybody knows, sports after 9 pm it just way to late – not possible at all. 🙂

I really love Freeletics, I love the concept, but I just can’t motivate myself over and over! How do you manage to have a constant motivation during a longer time period than two weeks? What’s your experience with freeletics or similar bodyweight training programmes. What’s your favorite excuse?

Just to let you know, next Monday I’m gonna start again. Firstly, because it’s Monday, Secondly, because i really have to start training to achieve my dream body for next summer. For sure, it’s gonna look exactly like that body here! Clap clap to me!

Marlon Teixeira

Marlon Teixeira


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