Freeletics for Skinny Guys

Everybody is talking about Freeletics , everybody knows someone who either done it, tried it or knows someone who tried Freeletics in the past. Since more I tried so many times to get through the 15 weeks but I never finished. Her my current Freeletics Status:


Freeletics – Status

As I’ve been pasting that screenshot out of my account  I thought, well it isn’t that bad. But it is a more than a year and just 105 workouts. I always started but didn’t make it further than week 8. It was just too hard, then I went on holidays and totally lost my routine. I hope this is not  gonna happen to me this time.

What does Freeletics cost?

Here a little screenshot of the costs in Germany, im not quite sure how much it costs in dollars or pounds:


Freeletics Costs

Freeletics in Germany costs 34,99 €. Compared to paying for a gym it’s a great deal. Freeletics offers every week as many trainings as you wish fitted to your past trainings and training times. One weak spot of the old Freeletics App has always been that you had trainings made for being outdoors. As I like doing my workout inside the new function 2×2 helps a lot, you can change whatever training to a 2×2 session and skip running parts or burpee frogs, etc.

Freeletics always shows people training outside, within their Freeletics groups, but im just not that kind of guy. I don’t like working out outside, jumping up and down in the snow. Als I really don’t like being out the in summer, with around 30 degrees every training, especially Freeletics drains all my energy in like 5 minutes. The workout itself is that exhausting that I prefer working out in the shade of my flat.

What do I expect from Freeletics?

What i personally expect from Freeletics is, of course, that I’m gonna look like on of the Freeletics models shown all over their website. For example that one here:

Freeletics Team

Freeletics Team

That, by the way, is the Freeletics Team from the office in Munich. Nice team, aren’t they? Let’s see, whether 15 weeks of greek god workouts will give me a six-pack like this.

Why is Freeletics so f****** hard?

I cannot really explain, but as Freeletics is totally focusing on overall condition and athletic it’s a totally different training than going to the gym. Freeletics is a kind of High-Intensity Training, that exclusively works with your own bodyweight.

In like 5 minutes I reach my condition goals and have to do loads of breaks. I don’t do those breaks because of laziness, just because quite often my muscles cannot do the workout anymore, they or I just can’t breathe anymore and feel my heartbeat all over my body.

The whole concept is based on time, which means, that you have to all the exercises as fast as possible. To complete every repetition properly makes a real difference, working out in a sloppy way, doesn’t train the body properly and is leading to muscle plain and can even lead to injuries.

Regarding to High-Intensity-Training is a training concept in bodybuilding and is made of short and very hard exercising units, followed by day or weeks of recovery. That training concept leads to a better muscle-stimulation compared to other sports.

Whether that works for me or not, we will see!

My Start!

As I never done Freeletics for the 15 weeks, I’m gonna start this time and try to really finish the 15 weeks. Yesterday I made the first exercises! You give Freeletics your weight, height and tell the app how athletic you are and you have to do as many push ups as possible in 100 seconds and as many squats as possible in 300 minutes.

I made 30 push ups and 70 squats in the time given me by the app. Puuuh, I got really lazy the last month. Today I already woke up with sore muscles, that’s gonna be really funny for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

I’m gonna do my first training tomorrow, I have to do Artemis, which is kind of hard for being my first workout:

Freeletics Artemis

Freeletics Artemis










100 burpees, 150 squats and 100 push ups, let’s see, if im gonna get through that. It’s for sure gonna be really hard!

Freeletics with or without changing your nutrition

I’m not gonna change my nutrition habits totally. I think i eat relatively healthy and i don’t have any overweight problems at all. I have a weight of around 60 kilograms and am 180 centimeters tall and would like to gain muscles and weight in a healthy way. I’m furthermore gonna try to drink every morning and evening a protein shake from the website and hope im gonna gain some kilograms.

The only thing missing is to start right now. So, let’s go, let’s gain some additional weight. I’ll keep you updated in my blog. Feel free to comment.

13 thoughts on “Freeletics for Skinny Guys

  • I am a skinny guy and just started with Freeletics for a week. I am aiming at gaining some muscle. Let’s work hard together! 🙂

    • Hey Douglas, thanks a lot for your comment. I just arrived in week two, i had such sore muscles that i had to wait for like 5 days to do my second workout. Hope your doing fine! Let’s gain weight! 🙂

      • I am in the middle of week two. I am using Arnica massage oil to lessen the sore such that I can keep up with the schedule. The main difficulty for me is that I am never sporty. So the exercise is very hard for me. But I am trying to hang in there and look forward to the result (if there will be any :P).

  • Hey Boris, can you link me too your blog please. I have been reading up on freeletics and really interested in how you’re doing. I am 183cm and 67kg so kinda similar body types. 🙂

    • Hey Steven, there were no results at all. I guess I have to admit just doesn’t work for me. It’s not freeletics, it’s the fact that i cannot motivate myself enough to stick to it for a long time. And also the beginning is quite hard, you have sore muscles all the time and you should also workout 3 times a week. I went back to the gym this month, because friends of mine registered for the same one, i feel quite motiviated. Let’s see how that goes! What about you? Did you start Freeletics yet?

      • Not yet just recently discovered it. Ive always been skinny and tried the gym acouple times but never stuck with it. Whats the longest you went with freeletics? Cus i know they have freeletics Gym now so i might give that a try

  • Hi Boris,
    Which kind of protein do you take to gain weight?
    I know a lot of these skinny guys you can see on youtube-freeletics used to drink protein and that works very well.
    I am thinking to start with a combo of workouts and protein cause in the past years I did’t reach the goal to become much bigger just training myself.

    • Hey Mike, i take foodspring whey protein every night i am training. I really don’t like the taste of those protein shakes, but i guess there is just no other option. It’s really hard to gain weight. 4 weeks ago i started to go to the gym again. I am going with two friends of mine which makes me more motivated to go, we push each other to at least go to the gym twice a week.

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