Dungarees for Men – Trend 2015?

Which is the first thought of you when it comes to Dungarees? Are you thinking of this sexy woman in her short hot pant style dungaree? Or the 6 year old child playing innocently in his sandbox with his friends?

Sexy Woman in Dungarees

Sexy woman in Dungarees










Kid in Dungarees

Kid in Dungarees










Both are thoughts that, for sure, do not have a lot in common with fashion for men!

Since last year the amount of dungarees on fashion websites like e.g. zara.com, pullandbear.com or asos.com is increasing month by month.

Many different styles try to enter the market, event though none of those has anything to do with hot pants or the kindergarten style described above.

In this article i want to introduce you to all the different types of dungarees possible to be purchased this summer 2015.

Absolutely classical – the jeans dungarees with long legs!

There is, of course, the Coca-Cola Light option, made of jeans, mostly in a kind of used look. Wether you decide to wear that with or without shirt (like the Coke-Light guy) is definitely up to you, or your type of body. 😉

Coke Light Jeans

Coke Light Style

I, for example, love combining that type of dungarees with shirts with funny motives, for example fruit or animal prints. Sounds strange, i know, but the variety of shirts available with pineapples, bananas, zebras or flamingos in summer 2015 is really amazing.

Dungarees from Zara

Zara Jeans Dungarees

Short dungarees for summer!

Since around 3 weeks asos.com is offering a short-legged option, this one, compared to the classical one described above is quite comfortable. It is made of Jersey and feels like wearing a light cotton short. Especially for hot summer days this is the best option to choose.

As this type of dungaree itself is quite eye-catching, i would combine that with a black or white T-shirt or Sleeveless Shirt.

Dungarees for Men in Jersey

Asos Dungarees for Men

Black Hip-Hop Style Dungarees! 

I wouldn’t call them classical, but nevertheless this type of dungaree is the one we have seen in quite many music Videos from the 80’s or 90’s, worn by famous Rap or Hip-Hop Artists.

You can combine those with some cool white basketball boots from Nike or Adidas and you will be the star of the net Summer Hip-Hop Festival.

The pant is not as tight as the other ones and looks a bit like a baggy jeans directly imported from the 90’s.

Dungarees in Baggy Style

Asos Dungarees in Baggy Style

Which accessories can be combined with a dungaree?

As dungarees haven’t had their breakthrough yet, and people around the city are already watching you in a strange way i tend to tone the whole thing down with no or not many accessories.

I like wearing them with simple print or plain-colored t-shirts. When it’s really warm they also look great with a sleeveless white, grey or black shirt.

Belts are a total No-Go, even though many dungarees are equipped with loops it looks way to feminine being complemented with a belt, no matter how simple that belt looks.

You can, for sure, combine the whole thing with a hat, a simple fedora one in black or made of straw. One should be a bit careful with that, it’s gonna look a bit „costumey” quite easy.

I don’t see wearing no shirt as an option. At home it could look kinda sexy, but in the streets the people wont stop to talk about you.

Here a video i just found that shows 4 different ways on how to wear dungarees properly!

Are you already wearing dungarees? Are you going to buy one? What do you think of dungarees? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment in my blog.

8 thoughts on “Dungarees for Men – Trend 2015?

  • Don’t forget that dungarees started out as mens’ workwear! Women muscled in – and look incredibly sexy in them in my view – but they’re really a mens’ garment. I wear them all the time for practicality and comfort. The key thing for male dungaree-wearers is to stick to classic workwear brands, not fashion. Good old Dickies, Big Smith, Carhartt – proper overalls cut it, fashion labels don’t. They’re available in the UK from Dungarees-online.com or search US workwear retailers’ websites for more brands (but beware, they’re a lot cheaper but then you pay import duty and VAT when they arrive! ). Go for it guys – reclaim your right to wear overalls/dungarees!

    • Hey Dave, thanks a lot for your comment! Your right, they are really practical and classic workwear. Thanks for your recommendations! I just thought about the fashion aspect of dungarees instead of the source they are coming from, which is for sure workwear!

      • Hey Boris.. thanks for resolving my confusion… I thought that the trend of men wearing dungarees went away…and now only women wears it… The same is with Gladiator sandals.. it was used earlier by men of course by gladiators but now I see only women wearing it…. I wish to wear it but because it is off trend I can’t…it feels awkward…Will you please help me about this…if you find something in my favour..

  • Hey Yash,
    as far as I can see in Holland the trend of men wearing dungarees on the contrary is growing, although of course most wearers still are women. I myself started to wear them in Spring 2015 as a daily dress, so also at work (within a few weeks I bought four pieces), and at that time I was still was rather an exception, but during last summer, when walking around in the shopping Streets for some hours I now usually came across several men wearing Bib overalls openly like myself.

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