Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015

Browline sunglasses are the absolute trend of the summer 2015, everybody should own a model, hipster or non-hipster! Finally we have a sunglass trend that can be used in a classical and casual way and looks a bit different to all those Ray-Ban Wayfarers out there in the market.

Wayfarer vs. Browline sunglasses:

Both models originate in the 1950’s. The wayfarer is the absolute classic, being produced by Ray-Ban it was the breakthrough of plastic sunglasses and the first of many models being produced in plastic instead of metal. The wayfarer has been produced for pilots, due to a special coating the glasses helped to pilots to manage sight flying higher and higher with more sunlight influencing them badly.

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Ray Ban Wayfarer









Also browline sunglasses come from the 50’s and perfectly show the transition from metal to plastic. What is so special about browline glasses are the strongly emphasized upper frames, mostly made of plastic, and the thinner metal frames in the lower part of the glasses.

Klassisches Browline Brillenmodell

Classic browline model






In comparison to the wayfarer the browline first has been introduced to the market as normal glasses and later changed to sunglasses. The wayfarer has always been a sunglass model and later been altered to serve as a normal glass. The browline is mostly sold in black, brown or with marble effects, there are some models on the market right now that also have mirrored glasses and therefore give a more modern touch. Here some examples:

Klassisches Browline Modell von asos

Classic Browline Model from asos

Browline Sonnenbrille

Browline  – Spitfire

What is the difference between Clubmaster und Browline?

There is absolutely no difference between those two models. Clubmaster is a browline sunglass produced by Ray-Ban. browline is the umbrella term for those type of glasses and clubmaster is the type of model, being produced by Ray-Ban.

Fashion combination with Browline Glasses

In my opinion you can combine browline glasses with every kind of outfit. The look great with a chino pant in beige and a white shirt, but als with a sporty or patterned shirt, even fruit prints. It is a very classical sunglass model, but can also been worn on the beach and never looks old-fashioned or too posh to be worn for sports. What i really like is the hipster combination with a fedora hat. Here two looks i found on asos:

Military Look mit Bart

Military Look with beard

Klassisch in Weiß

Classic in white










I really like my browline glasses a lot. Around 2 weeks ago i found those glasses on and instantly bought them. I really like the marble effect of it, even though my boyfriend said it looks a bit destroyed. Here some pics of my glasses. It is available on and costs 14,99€.

Browline Marmor Effekt

Browline marble effect

Browline Marmor Effekt

Browline marble effect 2










This type of glasses fit perfectly to any kind of face types. I, for example, cannot wear very wide glasses, because my face is way to narrow and totally gets lost behind big frames. With this type of glasses that is absolutely no problem. Here a little instagram selfie style shot:


Do you have browline glasses or sunglasses, too? Are you going to buy one this end of summer? Have fun commenting!

4 thoughts on “Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015

  • Do you have blue in color of the classic browline model , If you do have, I would like to order please

    • Hi Jamie, unfortunately you cannot order any items on my website. I have just been blogging about several models. The Spitfire Model can be found on Even though i can’t guarantee that this model is still available. I’ve been writing this article last summer, so it’s quite possibly not available anymore!

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