Marlon Teixeira

Motivation for Freeletics – Me against myself

Where did my Freeletics motivation go? Right after two weeks it is gone again. Probably you’ve asked yourself why there was no update in the last weeks. Hmm, it’s just because there is nothing to be updated about. In my first article I’ve been highly motivated. The problem is easily found: i just couldn’t motivate myself Read more about Motivation for Freeletics – Me against myself[…]

Klassisch in Weiß

Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015

Browline sunglasses are the absolute trend of the summer 2015, everybody should own a model, hipster or non-hipster! Finally we have a sunglass trend that can be used in a classical and casual way and looks a bit different to all those Ray-Ban Wayfarers out there in the market. Wayfarer vs. Browline sunglasses: Both models Read more about Browline Sunglasses – Retro Trend 2015[…]

Freeletics Titelbild

Freeletics for Skinny Guys

Everybody is talking about Freeletics , everybody knows someone who either done it, tried it or knows someone who tried Freeletics in the past. Since more I tried so many times to get through the 15 weeks but I never finished. Her my current Freeletics Status: As I’ve been pasting that screenshot out of my account  I thought, well it isn’t Read more about Freeletics for Skinny Guys[…]

Banana Shirt

Fruit and Vegetable Prints on T-Shirts

To print fruits and vegetables on shirts doesn’t seem to be the most exiting fashion trend we heard of this year. But anyway i think those shirts look really funny and rescue us from just wearing another blunt white or black shirt. Which fruit-themed shirts are available on the market? It all started last year Read more about Fruit and Vegetable Prints on T-Shirts[…]

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch – Necessity or just to show off?

Is the Apple Watch really as useful as Apple wants us to think or is it just a nice little gadget to show off a bit? Is ist just a watch with some extra functions that nobody needs? My opinion about the Apple Watch is quite mixed. Ordering and Unpacking the Apple Watch! As i really Read more about Apple Watch – Necessity or just to show off?[…]