Apple Watch – Necessity or just to show off?

Is the Apple Watch really as useful as Apple wants us to think or is it just a nice little gadget to show off a bit? Is ist just a watch with some extra functions that nobody needs? My opinion about the Apple Watch is quite mixed.

Ordering and Unpacking the Apple Watch!

As i really wanted to be one of the first ones to hold the Apple Watch in my hands, i was sitting on my desk on the 10th of April an been pressing the refresh button of my browser until the store was available again.

I quickly chose the watch i wanted and made the whole order in like 3 minutes. Even though i was so fast i couldn’t receive my watch end of April. I always did the same with the new iPhones and i always managed to get one on the first day of delivery. What a disappointment!

After nearly a month, beginning of May i finally received my so desperately wanted little new gadget. The unboxing was as you imagine unpacking an Apple product. The Watch itself is put inside a long white plastic box and therefore directly shows all it’s beauty on the first sight.

First steps with the Apple Watch!

After i connected my Apple Watch with my Iphone 6 the watch was already ready to be used. As we are used from Apple the watch arrive half-charged and could be used directly. Alle the apps that were available for Apple Watch too, have been installed directly and immediately. But my first question was: Do i really need all of those apps on my Watch? After using it for 3 months now, i have to say, i just use around 90% of the apps installed on my watch.

Apps on the Apple Watch!

Most of the apps are just way to slow to use them properly, until Shazam is opened the song most of the times is already over. Instagram is totally unusable, i don’t want to check my feed on my watch having a phone close-by.

The apps i really like are Messages and Mail, you can easily answer messages with Siri and directly move mails to the bin or archive those. Apps like Facebook or WhatsApp have yet not been launched. That means i can read Whatsapp Messages on my watch but i cannot answer those or interact in any way. Regarding Facebook the only thing i can do is send a “like” symbol. No further interaction is possible.

Passbook, now called Wallet is kind of tricky, it works, the QR Code is available on the watch, but it’s always quite complicated to reach the QR code reader. I would be nice to be able to unplug my arm sometimes, so instead of doing this i just use my phone. Im still quite impressed by the amount of people watching you when you play on your watch, everybody tends to think: oh, wow, that’s the Apple watch, never seen that before.

The Apple Watch as Fashion Accessoire!

When i saw the first pictures of the Apple Watch, i really liked the design, compared to a Galaxy Gear it really looks beautiful. I really liked the fact, that the watch looked nice on women and men. And, o.k., i have to commit i really like that muscle dude with Apple Watch, too 🙂 :

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport











The watch is beautifully made, there are no gaps or weird borders, the glass directly connects to the frame. The digital crown is not too big, and really well manageable. Compared to the Galaxy Gear it looks like a fashionable watch and not like a nerdy High-Tech Gadget for nerds.

As you can change the watch faces every day i can change it matching my outfit, mood, etc. This is a really funny personalizations and gives you the feeling of having a more unique device. With watchOS2 being published in September we will also have the possibility to implement pictures from icloud and enjoy a really unique watch.

Regarding the armband i really do not have any complaints. The sportband is perfectly made, really soft and it fits any arm perfectly. I use it about 90% of the time, for the office, sport, swimming, etc. Yes swimming, i never take the watch off, it was swimming in the sea, in lakes, take showers with it every day, nothing ever happened to it. For events like weddings or going out at night i bought a black milanese armband for 70€ at The armband is really well made, im comparison to the original milanese it doesn’t have the magnetic lock and is painted black. Here some pics:

Apple Watch Sport with Milanaise

Apple Watch Sport with Milanese

Apple Watch Sport with Milanaise

Apple Watch Sport with Milanese frontal











I really don’t see the watch as an absolute Must-Have. It makes life a bit easier by sending you all those notifications and it for sure is a well designed watch. Wearables will have their breakthrough in the near future, but I think for that the Apple Watch needs like 2 or 3 years more to maturate.

From a fashion point of view the watch looks beautifully and offers many forms to adapt it to your personality. It gives you the chance to change your watch on a day-to-day base. I really didn’t want to live without it any more. What’s your opinion? Please comment in my blog!


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