August 16, 2015

About me!

Mashion 1 Profile Pic

Hey there, it’s me! My name is Boris, i’m a 34 year old german guy writing about fashion, lifestyle and more!

Mashion 1 is my first blog project, so excuse some blog edition errors you see. Im still trying to get better in time.

Since 5 years im living in Munich, Germany, enjoying the Bavarian capital all year long (even though there is much more to enjoy in summer).

Im working in Online Marketing and want to directly interact with you guys instead of just booking ads all over the web!

So enjoy my first blog posts and comment whenever you want – there is for sure plenty of space to improve!

If you ask yourself, why my blog is called Mashion1, it’s because i wanted to shorten „Male Fashion“ – so the result was „Mashion“ – then I just added the 1 because i thought it sounded better like that. Somehow a bit like Mission 1. 😉

Have fun reading!


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